Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) delivers world-class, full-service maintenance, painting and overhaul capabilities for military and commercial aircraft. SCLA is a low traffic and low humidity location making it an optimal choice for quick, easy and professional aircraft maintenance and painting. SCLA has four aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) organizations onsite including:


  • Aircraft Upgrades
  • AD Compliance
  • Warranties
  • Special Projects
  • Technical Support
  • Flight Tests

Victorville Aerospace

  • MODS-AD Compliance
  • Heavy Letter Checks
  • Corporate Aircraft
  • Conversions

Pratt & Whitney / Southern California Aviation

  • Aircraft Storage
  • Return to Service
  • Aircraft Disassembly
  • Engine Support
  • Light Letter Checks

Leading Edge Aviation Services
  • Aircraft Painting - B777 and Smaller
  • Fuel Systems

New State Of The Art Hangers

SCLA recently completed construction on four new state-of-the-art aircraft hangars which include:

  • 78,000-square-foot aircraft hangar: The hangar is leased to Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies company (NYSE: UTX) and utilized for aircraft maintenance and repair programs.

  • 114,000-square-foot hangar: The hangar is leased to Victorville Aerospace and can accommodate an A-380 aircraft. The hangar is utilized for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations.

  • 83,500-square-foot hangar: The hangar is leased to Leading Edge Aviation Company to paint large wide-body aircraft including the B747 and B777.

  • 83,500-square-foot hangar: The hangar is leased to Federal Express for aircraft modifications. The hangar can handle B747 and B777 aircraft.

Flight Testing

General Electric selected SCLA as the new location for its Engine Flight Test Center. The $20 million complex built on 13.1-acres includes a Boeing 747 aircraft size hangar, offices and various maintenance shops. The GE division will utilize the SCLA facility for development and evaluation of high bypass jet engines on 747 flying test bed aircraft.